Fall Creek Falls State Park

Fall Creek Falls State Park

Murray and I are absolutely in love with Tennessee! It is really a beautiful state with over 500 waterfalls, rivers and lakes! Its truly a water world set amoungst purple flowering redbud trees and evergreens- probably one of the most beautiful states we've see thus far!

Locals kept telling us we can't miss Fall Creek Falls State Park, so we re-routed to check out this 'crown jewel' of the Volunteer State.


Make Sure To Take your Dogs!

We took our black lab, Elway, and our chihuahuha, Paris, with us on our all our hikes at Fall Creek Falls. Paris preferred to sleep in my backpack all day but Elway was game to hike! The great thing about state parks is that dogs are allowed on most, if not all, the trails. Since national parks don't allow dogs on the trails, our pups have been left behind in the motorhome often. So its really nice when we can take them on the same adventures we go on! Plus, you can get really cute waterfall doggie pics!

Fall Creek Falls has this really awesome suspension bridge over a very large waterfall. Just take note of your doggie's ability to cross the bridge. Poor Elway didn't know what to do- he was shaking and panting the whole way across. We thought for a second we would have to carry him, but he proved to be a very brave doggie indeed both times we crossed!


Waterfalls Everywhere You Look!

Wherever you turn on any of the trails through this state park, you will find waterfalls. From the big attraction ones like Cane Creek Falls & the namesake Fall Creek Falls to little mini ones like the shot below, you are guaranteed to be surrounded with water.


Don't Miss 'The Base of Falls' Trail

This 256 foot descent to the waterfall floor is worth every step of the climb back. The view from the bottom is really spectacular and how many times do you get to appreciate the largest waterfall on the Eastern United States by looking up? Its epic, but the hike back up will kick your butt.


Brave the Cable Trail

If you have got a little adventure in you, don't miss the .25 mile 'trail' down the side of the mountain using nothing but climbing technique and a cable line to help you. This awesome climb turned out to be relatively easy with the assistance of the cable, but can look a bit scary from the top. If you just take your time and hold on to the cable, you will do great! And the view from the bottom is worth it! This was our favorite trail in the park- definitely the most unique!

Plus you get to see not just one, but two waterfalls from the base!

All in all, we can see why this park is one of the must-sees in Tennessee! We absolutely loved it and would love to come back someday soon!


Have you been here? Any cool insights to share? Please comment below and let us know what you think!



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