Our Review of The Alpha Keeper Travel Money Belt

Our Review of The Alpha Keeper Travel Money Belt

When traveling internationally, it is a smart idea to keep an eye out for pickpockets who are actively looking for absent-minded tourists not paying attention to their wallets.

When I travel, I usually keep my wallet in my front pocket, which works well since the wallet I use is small and thin; only holding a few credit cards, my ID and a money clip to hold limited cash.

This works great at home and in countries that readily take credit cards, but I have found this type of approach hasn't worked on some trips, like our last trip to Bali. Many places in Bali only take cash, so we had much more cash on hand than usual. So much so, that my dependable money clip couldn't hold it all.

To solve this, I resorted to a very make-shift wallet which consisted of a wad of cash folded over once and then wrapped with a rubber band. Very clever I know... that is until I had to pay for something. Every cab ride, every restaurant, every souvenir purchase meant I was pulling a huge bundle of cash out and flashing it around...Not ideal when you are trying to be low key.

Thankfully nothing bad happened, but I felt like I couldn't relax during the trip. So when I returned, I started looking at travel belt options. When Alpha Keeper contacted us to try their product, we were excited! I had never used a travel belt before but this one looked like a slim, low profile fanny pack with lots of storage. After taking it on a recent trip, this is what I think about it...


Review Of The Alpha Keeper

Disclaimer: We were provided with 2 Alpha Keepers in return for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are our own and not influenced by the company and/or its affiliates in any way.

Alpha Keeper_camo


Lots of Storage

For a very thin wallet, there is a good amount of storage. The main compartment is long and is divided in half lengthwise so you can fit all sorts of things in it. One half of the compartment is open the whole length of the unit, the other is divided into two smaller compartments. These divisions are great for organizing bills, foreign and domestic coins, and credit cards for easy access.

There is also smaller pouch on the front of the Alpha Keeper to hold a cell phone, and my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge fits in it very easily. The pouch has a pass-through for your headphones' cord too. Unfortunately, I don’t really use this cell-phone pouch as I take too make pictures too often with my phone, so storing it in my front pocket was much more convenient. However,  if I was really worried about my phone getting stolen, it is nice to know this pocket is there.


Comfortable Fit

The Alpha Keeper is pretty comfortable to wear. It is important to note that it wears more like a fanny pack than a belt. I initially thought it would be itchy or bulky to wear, but the Alpha Keeper is actually pretty flexible, so standing and sitting feel fine.

The inner side of the Alpha Keeper is made of mesh, which allows your skin to breathe underneath it. I thought that was a smart feature and definitely added to the comfort.


Bold Styling

The two Alpha Keeper products we received came in a green camo and pink camo colors. They are fun and bright. If you like a bold fashion, this is the belt for you!

Alpha Keeper also has this same money belt in black as well as tan, which would have been a little bit more handy for us and our kind of traveling. I think I would actually prefer the more neutral colors since I like to keep it low key and bring less attention to myself and the money I am carrying.


RFID Scanner Protection

RFID stands for "Radio-Frequency Identification".  Some credit cards and newer passports have embedded RFID chips which contain all kinds of personal information that you would never want to have taken from you. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous criminals use RFID readers to scan for and steal information from these chips if they aren't protected. A traveler wouldn’t even know this had happened until they started seeing weird charges showing up or until they found out their identity had been stolen. So having RFID is an absolute must for a money belt and Alpha Keeper has got it!

Alpha Keeper also includes 6 sleeves for credit cards and 1 for a passport that are supposed to shield your RFID chips from scanners. This is cool if you don't want to wear the belt, but still want to protect the items you know have RFID technology.



The Alpha Keeper is a great option if you are looking for a safe, comfortable and inconspicuous travel money belt. Its slim profile and ample storage allow it to easily hold your cash and credit cards, and it is priced competitively. Plus you have lots of color options to choose from! An absolute must-have when wanting to avoid pickpockets on all your travels! We give it two thumbs up!



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